Selection of available walks (with approximate cumulative ascent/descent). Shorter walks with less ascent are also available.
Distance (km)/Ascent (m)/Descent (m)

Grade 2Grade 3
Bomerano circuit via Monte Tre Calli – 10.5km/500m/500m Bomerano circuit via pathway of the Gods – 16.5km/1215m/1215m
Pogerola to Ravello via valle delle ferriere- 11.2km/550m/510m Bomerano to Ravello (via Monte Santa Maria) – 14.3km/880m/1150m
From Bomarano to Positano (pathway of the Gods) – 9.2km/313m/800m Col di S. Pietro to Positano via M. Comune – 11.7km/828m/957m
Ridge walk Bomerano to San Lazaro – 12km/580m/590m To Molare/Monte San Michele Bomerano Walk – 15.7km/1254m/1230m
San Lazaro to Amalfi via Valle delle Mulini – 8.9km/351m/1002m San Lazaro to Amalfi via Valle delle ferriere Walk – 14.3km/752m/1204m

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How our walks are graded

Grade 2/Easy or easy to moderate:

Modest gradients with cumulative ascent up to a maximum of 500m in a day. Terrain overall would tend to be less challenging than grade 3. Up to 5 hours walking, excluding breaks. Walking mainly on paths though paths can be quite rough and stony, especially in limestone regions.

Grade 3/Moderate

Generally longer walks than grade 2 with more consistent ascent, up to 1000m per day and up to 6 hours walking. Be prepared for some steeper ascents and descents. Walking both on and off path, and occasionally scrambling

Guests on any of our walking holidays do need to be healthy and are likely to be semi-regular walkers, or be reasonably fit from other activities. We absolutely do not do ‘route marches’ and there is always time to enjoy the scenery, flora and fauna.
Daily walking distances can be anything from 8 to 18 kms depending on ascent, terrain and weather conditions – information specific to each destination on request or on making an enquiry.