Walking in the Picos de Europa

The Picos de Europa mountains in Northern Spain, were the first sight of home for many sailors, returning from the New World. Sometimes referred to as ‘Spain’s Dolomites’, if it’s breath taking treks, strong local culture and rare wildlife you’re looking for, you’ll find it here. This holiday is twin centred, staying in Arenas de Cabarales and the majority of the week in the smaller village of Sotres.

This is an area of towering peaks, many snow covered throughout most of the year, deep gorges and fertile valleys. Our tour will explore mainly the eatern and central massif, which offers walks to suit all abilities, and unbeatable views .

Ramblers group tour – May 2010

  “You Organised Fantastic Walks For Both The More Leisurely And The More Challenging Walkers. As Always, You Guided Us With Great Good Humour, Skill And Professionalism. We Know We Are In Safe Hands “.

Pico Urriellu Pena Main

Arenas de Cabrales

Lying at the foot of the mountains, the surrounding area offers more gentle walks through rolling countryside and so is the ideal place to begin our walking tour. A popular base for walking, there are plenty of bars, cider houses and restaurants offering typical Asturian cuisine.

Picos, Tresviso walk arenas walk

Situated at the heart of the Picos  between the central and eastern massifs.  The most popular base for exploring the higher mountains and valleys, Sotres remains a small typical Asturian mountain village. A spectacular mountain road twists and turns 15km from Arenas up to little Sotres, the highest village in the Picos and the starting point for a number of exceptional walks.

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Sotres: Hotel Casa Cipriano

Casa Cipriano started out in 1969, as a small bar and lodging-house with a dining room. Throughout the years, with different alterations and makeovers, it has changed into what it is today: the Casa Cipriano Rural Hotel with its restaurant offering great local food.

Casa Cipriano
Walking in the Picos de Europa – access

The Picos de Europa are themselves quite remote, with two main access points from outside the region – Oviedo (air, bus, train) and Santander (air, ferry, bus, train).

Depending on your mode of transport, options are as follows.


The two closest airports to the Picos de Europa are Asturias (near Oviedo) and Santander (in Cantabria).

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